quiet week here at the powerdriver homestead. tonight we have a wedding of one of our best friends (who met his amazing and beautiful soon-to-be-wife a mere six months ago!). ramona’s heading over to the grandparents’ house for her second sans-parent overnight. i’m gonna miss the little bean but i’m also looking forward to staying out late and sleeping in with my hubby!

how old was your baby when you left them with other caregivers for the first time overnight?

here’s some interesting stuff i came across this week:


some shameless self-promotion:

      • new items weekly at my vintage baby clothing shop. 10% discount for a denver home companion readers. enter ADHC10 at checkout.
      • chomping on cold whole apples seems to help teething babies. need more ideas? ice cubes work great too! supervision highly advised.
      • i went to the first denver bloggers association meeting at black eye coffee. great ideas and interesting people. i’m looking forward to more meetings (and for them to update their website).
      • also, my mom made a shirt for me! like it? she sells them for $60. she also sells ramona’s famous bonnet for $25 and ramona’s darling long dresses for $30. email me for more information, if you’re interested in placing an order.
      • new hashtag on instagram: #whatramonawore (my username is eopower). i have a lot more fun dressing mo in the morning than dressing myself. it’ll be fun to have this little instagram “album” to see the different things i put her in.
      • i have a youtube channel! i dump my videos here and recently was going through them and wanted to share some of them with all of you:

do you have a youtube page? leave your username in the comments below so i can check it out!




this week was a nice and full one. amanda and i were invited to GroundFloor Media’s Foodie Smartphone Academy sponsored by Qdoba at the Justice League of Street Food (thanks, GFM!). then from there we kept ramona up way past her bedtime for Novo’s 10th anniversary party. the rest of the week involved hangs with the goats, popsicle treats at the park, and a very messy house.

elsewhere there’s some stuff going on!

that’s all. like i said, it was a pretty mellow week! have a good weekend.


this was a busy week for the powerdriver clan. here’s what we were up to…

  • we spent last weekend in breckenridge at the gondola house. we went on a bike ride, drank tasty beer, got caught in the rain, and lounged about watching the olympics. wow. did we need this mini-vacation.
  • met melanie and baby beck at the denver zoo. there were spurts of great conversation in between wrangling three babies.
  • ran into a long lost (she was at my kindergarten bday party, for crying out loud) friend from my hometown at linger. got to know, rachel, the mastermind behind glotalot.
  • surprise tickets (fifth freaking row!) to counting crows at red rocks. i danced my ass off like a crazy lady.




to see more of our week, follow me on instagram: eopower.

denver stuffs:

  • shame on you for not entering the mountain vs plains giveaway yet. don’t worry. there’s still time! check out this post to enter.
  • jp, bean, max, and i were invited to eat lunch at the soft opening of ace in denver. it’s asian street food meets ping pong bar. slated to open early august. check it out and order the golden child, a most delicious and simple cocktail.
  • my new favorite pinterest pinner (and a denver local!): cate anderson of the KIN collective.
  • have i not told you yet that i am a treasure hunter? buy unique baby clothes at my etsy shop, ollie’s vintage, or unique items for your home on my blog! updated weekly.
other stuffs: