this week was a nice and full one. amanda and i were invited to GroundFloor Media’s Foodie Smartphone Academy sponsored by Qdoba at the Justice League of Street Food (thanks, GFM!). then from there we kept ramona up way past her bedtime for Novo’s 10th anniversary party. the rest of the week involved hangs with the goats, popsicle treats at the park, and a very messy house.

elsewhere there’s some stuff going on!

that’s all. like i said, it was a pretty mellow week! have a good weekend.


2 Responses to the week’s end & elsewhere

  1. Alli says:

    Mellow weeks don’t have dress up photos, messy houses & a night up past bed-time. Sounds like a well lived week to me. Enjoy the weekend, the county fair sounds awesome.

  2. So glad you could come to the event! Hope we get to meet in person soon.

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