signs of fall everywhere (and now winter since it has snowed this weekend). we’ve been cozying up with sweet treats and the company of friends. and now the restaurant is on its last leg of inspections so we’re busy with server training and getting to know the wines (the fermenting grapes were over at the infinite monkey theorem). it’s getting close and we are anxious to be able to serve the people of denver really great food in a really unique environment.


this week (the past ten days. actually), at least one of the three of the powerdriver clan has been sick. not much has gotten done around here. pretty much i’ve been in front of hulu or netflix — or yo gabba gabba if ramona is around. we’re on the mend but have all of us have been pretty pathetic.

the above photo is my remix rendition of inspiration found via pinterest. finally putting that beloved time-waster to use. 

and elsewhere on the interwebs:


i love instagram, you guys, a lot. so when printcopia offered me an 8×10 canvas print to review, i was so excited to discover that their website allows you to upload photos from your own instagram account. the process is painless and streamlined and extremely intuitive. i chose this photo of jp and ramona looking like twins, and eagerly awaited my canvas print’s arrival.

 the delivery was speedy and the image appeared exactly the way it did on the screen (i HATE it when you preview images, only to print them out and they are blurry and awful and misaligned. i’m sure it’s user error but i still grumble at whatever program or printer did it). the only thing i wish i had done differently was to have the image wrap around the edges. however, printcopia offers you that option OR whatever freaking color you want (seriously, a color wheel pops up. the one that gives me anxiety bc there are so many hues and shades and choices).

you can see the final product here, in my frame cluster.

i love it. look at those two peas in a pod.

now through the end of october, printcopia is offering canvas-print-loving blog readers 50% off their orders, plus standard shipping! how great is that? just enter the coupon code: BLOGLOVE2012.

printcopia offered me an 8×10 canvas print in exchange for a review of their product. while they did not ask me to write anything but my honest opinion, they did ask that i link back to them with “canvas prints.” because i found their product favorable i had no qualms of introducing you all to them. i will always be completely honest and transparent in any sponsorships and exchanges i participate in. thanks for being amazing readers. 


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here are two weeks’ worth of links i’ve stored up for you! again, i’m sometimes a little slow to viral news and internet sensations, so i hope some of this is new to you!

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most of this may very well be old news to some of you. i, however, was out-of-the-loop and off the internet for nearly a week straight. i spent sunday morning during ramona’s nap going through what i’d missed on reader, pinterest, facebook, and other-ways-to-waste-your-time platforms. here’s a list of links to go with your monday morning coffee (i’m copying your style, alli!):