this week (the past ten days. actually), at least one of the three of the powerdriver clan has been sick. not much has gotten done around here. pretty much i’ve been in front of hulu or netflix — or yo gabba gabba if ramona is around. we’re on the mend but have all of us have been pretty pathetic.

the above photo is my remix rendition of inspiration found via pinterest. finally putting that beloved time-waster to use. 

and elsewhere on the interwebs:



  1. mld says:

    wow. Loved the Poem for a Daughter.

  2. Megan says:

    Love your outfit. I think I went to THE hipster wedding of weddings, so the link had me laughing hysterically. We’re talking woodcut invitations, the groom’s band playing, reception in an old lodge in a WPA camp. It was awesome.

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