after getting drunk at a wedding in cincinnati, i found myself dancing in the arms of some tall man from denver. ten months later, we were married on randolph street in chicago.

we lived in the windy city for our first year of marriage and then decided to head west for a calmer and sunnier way of life.

since then, we’ve established roots in a tiny one-hundred-year-old urban homestead on the edges of the lower highland of denver. we raise heirloom veggies, three chickens, two ducks, two goats, an ornery wheaten terrier named ottoman empire, and a beautiful little girl we call ramona marilyn. jp is a chef and one of the owners of a local coffeeshop and another restaurant down the street. i encourage him in these endeavors and stay at home with our minka.

there are plans for bunnies and bees and baby #2. but for now the three of us are having a lot of fun being together, starting and (sometimes) completing projects, and really loving life.

i started this blog as a means to document our simple life in denver. it was essentially a way to update our mothers and tech-savvy grandmothers. however, it’s grown a teeny bit and it’s become a fun way to share how-tos with friends, inside tips on denver to visitors, and celebrations with strangers going through similar events as us.

please, take a look around and feel free to say hello. we love sharing our bounty.

portrait by luca venter

some sometimes asked questions 

  • what camera and editing equipment do you use? iPhone camera, Instagram, Nixon D40X (on automatic or apature priority), diptic, vsco, iPhoto, and PhotoShop. i barely know how to use these things but just have fun flipping some switches and pushing some buttons.
  • can i use your images? i’m flattered you’d like to use my images. if you are a fellow blogger, please make sure you caption them with my name and url, as well as link the photo to my site. additionally, let me know you did so by sending me a comment or email with the link to it so I can check out your blog. if you’d like to use them for some other non-blogging purpose, please email me to ask first, describing the nature of your project. appropriate credit will be expected. NEVER EVER can these photos be used for commercial or any other money-making purposes. unless, of course, i am the one making money.
  • why do you put in so many links? are you paid for these? i find that when i’m reading other people’s blogs i’m always really curious what or where they are talking about or where they may have purchased some rad item. i link to save you time on searching and also to give exposure to some products, people, companies, and locations i am very fond of. linking and shout-outs other bloggers have done have introduced me to new writers and nifty items or clothes, and i hope to do the same for my readers. any links i’ve done in collaboration or item exchange with another company have and always will be disclosed. any affiliate linking will also be disclosed.
  • can i be a sponsor on your blog? maybe! take a look at my sponsor page and consider the options. if you decide to go for something, i’ll look to see if we’re a good fit.
  • can i sponsor a giveaway on your blog? maybe! there’s one large featured spot a month with the option for a giveaway. visit my sponsor page to see about signing up. i’m open to other slots doing giveaways. just email me and we can figure something out and whether or not it’s a good fit.