for her first birthday, ramona received a membership to the denver zoo from jp’s parents. we usually go later in the afternoon when there’s fewer field-trips and thus fewer children. she can run around the wide paths and get the wiggles out and i can introduce her to the real-life animals whose sounds i’ve been teaching her.

last week jp was battling a stomach bug so headed to the zoo to give him some quiet space and us some fresh air.

she loves finding puddles and stomping her little feet in them. the sea lion caught her eye and she stood on the ledge patiently waiting for it to swim past over and over. and that little black and white bird! the two of them stayed there for a handful of minutes (a long time in toddler-time) and talked to each other and mirrored one another and ran back and forth together. finally she noticed me standing a little bit away and ran over to grab my hand to make sure i wouldn’t miss out on these flirtations with the little bird (this hand-holding thing is new and just kills me every time!).


5 Responses to denver zoo

  1. mld says:

    What a fun afternoon – I love her curiosity and her love of puddles!

  2. melinda sue says:

    the hand holding. so sweet. asher screams bloody murder if i try to hold his hand (even in a busy parking lot — we are at a really fun stage here)

    i must ask baout your shoes. love them.

  3. Koan says:

    bird picture is cute for days.

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