this has been recovery week after the excitement of ramona’s first birthday. we watched ramona let her first balloon go up up and away, caught up on a lot of missed naps, cleaned up the house after the big celebration (some rooms are still disaster zones), tried on new birthday-gift outfits, celebrated four years of marriage, attended the top of the town party, and relished our quiet family time in bed. this weekend, we plan on doing some thrifting, eating some birthday brunch w some local friends, catching up with some out-of-town friends, and just relaxing. you?

denver stuffs:

  • don’t be shy! the giveaway is still open! you don’t have to be local or even from colorado. new readers, longtime readers, family, and friends: sign up! mountain vs plains is an incredible little shop.
  • my new friend, dan garza, of a small print shop, started writing this really honest and moving prayer and illustration journal, for you when you sleep, on tumblr. i look forward to his daily posts.

other stuffs:

it’s the weekend, baby! my parents are in town to celebrate ramona’s first birthday on sunday (gasp!) so we have errands and adventures and catching up to do. i’ll be back on monday, hopefully with ramona’s 12th month post.  in the meantime, here are some notable going-ons on the interwebs that i’m excited to share with you. check them out and let me know your favorites.
 Denver Stuff
Other Stuffs

these photos from my phone are from the past two weeks or so. as i’ve mentioned in recent posts, it’s been a busy summer! recovery, for me, has been unexpectedly hard. this past week, with denver’s 100+ degree days (five in a row!) i’ve been grumpy and sluggish. things haven’t been getting done like i am usually good about doing and day-to-day life has seemed a bit monotonous and, well, difficult. mama said there’d be days like this. now ramona is (finally) sleeping, i’m sipping on a vodka tonic, and i’m eager to hop in the shower and start fresh. the house has cooled down, the clouds are calming the fierce sun’s heat, and my dear friends are getting married today. there are many reasons to celebrate and to come out from this slump.


so it looks like i did take some photos these past two weeks….

a couple explanations of these photos.

  • ramona loves band-aids. cannot get enough. i was the same way, so my mother tells me. and my niece has the same infatuation. is it all little girls?!
  • jp and i are looking for another couple to have a monthly standing euchre date. any takers?
  • fountain parks have got to be the greatest invention for little children.
  • my father is doing a one month long yoga teacher training in BC. pretty much anyone who knows my father knows that in his previous life no one ever saw this coming. yoga has changed his (and my mother’s) life and i am so so proud of him for taking this risk and this leap.
  • i’m trying juicing again. so far i’m 2 for 3 mornings. our garden is growing kale like no one’s business so i gotta get moving before that stuff bolts.



twas a full week. i love birthday weeks. but i need a really long nap. also, if anyone knows a better way to insert and format instagram photos into wordpress i’d love to hear from you. should i be using a third party app? (psst: click through to see that i didn’t completely screw up the formatting. also, click the images for larger, less distorted versions).


and the winner is: my beautiful neighbor, jenny! ( picked 4 outta 7.) i’m gonna wrap up that geode for you real cute and walk it over to your home with the babes. i think that will be a fine excuse for a long overdue date, yeah? and what fun you and avery will have breaking that thing open!