some shameless self-promotion:

      • new items weekly at my vintage baby clothing shop. 10% discount for a denver home companion readers. enter ADHC10 at checkout.
      • chomping on cold whole apples seems to help teething babies. need more ideas? ice cubes work great too! supervision highly advised.
      • i went to the first denver bloggers association meeting at black eye coffee. great ideas and interesting people. i’m looking forward to more meetings (and for them to update their website).
      • also, my mom made a shirt for me! like it? she sells them for $60. she also sells ramona’s famous bonnet for $25 and ramona’s darling long dresses for $30. email me for more information, if you’re interested in placing an order.
      • new hashtag on instagram: #whatramonawore (my username is eopower). i have a lot more fun dressing mo in the morning than dressing myself. it’ll be fun to have this little instagram “album” to see the different things i put her in.
      • i have a youtube channel! i dump my videos here and recently was going through them and wanted to share some of them with all of you:

do you have a youtube page? leave your username in the comments below so i can check it out!




2 Responses to the week’s end & elsewhere

  1. Megan says:

    That bonnet is killing me! I think I need two for next summer 🙂 Love the videos. We have a YouTube channel, although I’ve only uploaded 2 videos of the girls…and my 15 year old sister uploaded her end of the year class project, which is totally cute and hilarious.

  2. emily says:

    oh my. i just watched those. ADORABLE. your two little roly poly’s are so so great.

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