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we are a pickle family. there is always a jar of some in our fridge. not the sort you can get on an unrefrigerated grocery shelf. no. never. the good kind. the kind that has funk and spices and crunch to it and is usually found in the deli section. so imagine my delight when i discovered the real dill pickles, made in denver. they’ve got funk, they’ve got punch, they’ve got tang, they’ve got spice, they’ve got crunch.

A Denver Home Companion | the real dill

i first tried them at the populist pop-up holiday market and ramona and i kept sneaking back to their table to steal samples. i have sworn to justin, one of the owners, that i will never buy another sort of pickle again. this is a promise i am confident i can keep. justin is offering colorado readers of A Denver Home Companion the chance to win a jar of pickles as well as a jar of their bloody mary mix (you best believe when this baby is out i will be drinking my fair share of that during weekend brunches).

leave a comment below about what you most admire in a pickle or, if you’ve had the real dill, what your favorite flavor is. for more chances to win like them on facebook (please leave a separate comment for this). a winner will be announced next monday, 2/3. 

don’t win this giveaway? that shouldn’t deter you from picking up a jar of your own. check their website to see what grocer near you stocks them.

p.s. the real dill is one of the sponsors of the upcoming colorado makers pig roast hosted by the populist on sunday, 2/9. we are so very excited to partner with them and showcase their delicious pickles next to a juicy roasted pig (c/o tender belly). interested in attending? tickets are going fast. get more details and purchase tickets here.

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A Denver Home Companion | dram apothercary bread barA Denver Home Companion | dram apothercary bread bar

well i don’t have many photos of the goodies we consumed bc it was all just so yummy and we were having too good of a time to remember to snap a shot besides the group one you see. but lashley, koan, kimmy, ramona and I made our way up to silver plume (just a short drive west out of denver) to visit the increasingly popular bread bar, a functioning bar that also operates as a tasting room for dram apothecary. we were quite pleased. it’s adorable and quaint and classy. shea really makes a mean cocktail using her bitters or soda with her handcrafted syrups.

A Denver Home Companion | raspberry leaf tea w honey chamomile from dram apothecary

i brought home one of each of the bitters and have been putting dashes of the honey chamomile in all of my cups of raspberry leaf tea (regular consumption of this tea is recommended for pregnant women).

if you’re looking for an easy and worthwhile day trip, head on over to silver plume. make sure to check their facebook page for hours and any random closings.

i have been having so much fun writing posts on toddler play over at mom.me. here’s what i’ve come up with so far this month:

A Denver Home Companion | mom.me

+ easy peasy art prints

A Denver Home Companion | mom.me

+ DIY superhero felt masks

A Denver Home Companion | mom.me

+ DIY superhero cape

A Denver Home Companion | mom.me

+ yoga with your little one


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thinking of how to include your little one in some last minute mother’s day love? buy watercolor paints ($4.50 at your local art supply store), grab some heavier weight paper, and get to painting! ramona and max had a riot pointing to the color on the palette that they wanted to use (and i would speak it back to them), and then taking their turns w the brush and making their mark. i’ll cut the paper in quarters and write a note on the back to send to the mama’s in our life. easy peasy lemon squeezy. and the kids got to flex their artistic muscles AND learn color names in the process.

A Denver Home Companion | mother's day cardsA Denver Home Companion | mother's day cardsDiptic3A Denver Home Companion | mother's day cardsA Denver Home Companion | mother's day cards

elsewhere on the interwebs (i gotta lot for you this week!):

A Denver Home Companion | DIY heart garland A Denver Home Companion | DIY heart garland A Denver Home Companion | DIY heart garland A Denver Home Companion | DIY heart garland

  1. print out heart templates from here (print on cover stock or trace computer paper cut-outs onto a heavier paper and cut out).
  2. trace hearts on sheets of felt. cut out. (i used 12 paper sized sheets i bought from fancy tiger).
  3. sew hearts together in a color pattern (or random like me) of your choice. tip: sew from top down not from point up.
  4. hang with tape (or tie around small nails or pushpins) from windows or mantle or framed prints or blank wall. whatever you prefer!

tip: i would suggest sewing one long garland and then cutting-to-size as you decorate so you can have more control over length. i just sewed 10 on each strand without much thought to length and now they are all different lengths. this is fine and i’m happy about how it turned out but if i was to do it again i would try to make them a little more uniform.

what valentine’s projects are you working on? do you have posts or photos? send me the link! i’d love to check them out.