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we are a pickle family. there is always a jar of some in our fridge. not the sort you can get on an unrefrigerated grocery shelf. no. never. the good kind. the kind that has funk and spices and crunch to it and is usually found in the deli section. so imagine my delight when i discovered the real dill pickles, made in denver. they’ve got funk, they’ve got punch, they’ve got tang, they’ve got spice, they’ve got crunch.

A Denver Home Companion | the real dill

i first tried them at the populist pop-up holiday market and ramona and i kept sneaking back to their table to steal samples. i have sworn to justin, one of the owners, that i will never buy another sort of pickle again. this is a promise i am confident i can keep. justin is offering colorado readers of A Denver Home Companion the chance to win a jar of pickles as well as a jar of their bloody mary mix (you best believe when this baby is out i will be drinking my fair share of that during weekend brunches).

leave a comment below about what you most admire in a pickle or, if you’ve had the real dill, what your favorite flavor is. for more chances to win like them on facebook (please leave a separate comment for this). a winner will be announced next monday, 2/3. 

don’t win this giveaway? that shouldn’t deter you from picking up a jar of your own. check their website to see what grocer near you stocks them.

p.s. the real dill is one of the sponsors of the upcoming colorado makers pig roast hosted by the populist on sunday, 2/9. we are so very excited to partner with them and showcase their delicious pickles next to a juicy roasted pig (c/o tender belly). interested in attending? tickets are going fast. get more details and purchase tickets here.

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22 Responses to THE REAL DILL [GIVEAWAY]

  1. I started refrigerator pickling thanks to the Real Dill! They have a great tutorial. Love their habanero horseradish. Still need to try the bloody mary mix. I already like them on Facebook, so no extra entries for me :(.

  2. Rachel says:

    Emily. Pickles are my favorite food. Ever. I love pickles so much, I eat them constantly. I’ve had these guys’ bloody mix (picked up from hazel and dewey i think) and it’s top notch. I want to try every single pickle flavor they make. Idk how many that is, but I can do it.

    My favorite thing about pickles is the 1. sourness. I can’t taste bitter (recessive gene I have) and my palette is sort of strange for that. For whatever reason, the sour flavor in pickles just appeals to me so. much.

    I also enjoy 2. the word pickle.

    Also 3. little bumps. Pickles have bumps. Idk. Pickles are just cute.

    Pickle shots. Pickles sandwiches. Pickle cocktails. Pickles a la mode.

    Just kidding on the last one.



  3. Rachel says:

    annnnd I liked them on fb.

  4. Taylor Armstrong says:

    Love The Real Dill. Favorite flavor is Horseradish/Habenero or the Aji chile sours. Also, love their Bloody Mary Mix..I think I shall go buy both for Super Bowl Sunday. YUM!

  5. Taylor Armstrong says:

    Also, I like them on facebook!

  6. Kelsey says:

    Love the crunch and that they pretty much quench your thirst they are so refreshing! xKels

  7. little_deer says:

    A hilarious and timely giveaway. I’ve only tried the habanero ones and there were completely addictive. I’d love to try the others. The most magical thing to me about pickles is how they start out as lowly cucumbers and blossom into crisp, briny probiotic wonders. Please count me in. 🙂

  8. Hails says:

    We did our first attempt at refrigerate pickles (cucumbers, carrots and green beans) this past summer and they were the BOMB.COM. I love when a pickle is SPICY. PICKLES.

  9. Sarah says:

    I love the aji sours and my kids love their jalapeño honey dills! They also love the lemonade they serve up at the farmer’s market! Yum!!

  10. Jordan says:

    I am the biggest Real Dill fangirl. It’s kinda ridiculous! My favourite is the Titan Dills, but I always have a jar of the Aji Chile Sours in my fridge. After all the pickles are gone, I actually slice up fresh cucumbers and throw them back in the leftover brine for a few days to keep the excitement level in my fridge up. 😛

  11. Jordan says:

    And of course I’m a fan on facebook!

  12. Katharine Swanson says:

    I may have married my husband to have unlimited access to his Granny’s homemade spicy pickles… Sadly, she no longer makes them but I still love me some pickles! And my husband, don’t fret 😉

  13. brittany o says:

    I most admire the crunch and zesty nature of a pickle…it is hard to find both in the same in the same pickle. We would love to try some real dill pickles!

  14. brittany o says:

    I do like the real dill on facebook!

  15. Peter VanGulick says:

    A crunchy pickle gets me every time. Also like one with a kick to it. I will like them on FB. Nothing like pickle juice to help you stay hydrated on a hot day.

  16. Chelsea Weinberg says:

    I LOVE the Habanero Horseradish, and my new favorite as of recent are the Garlic Caraways. I can’t seem to keep them in my fridge. Other than pickles? I can’t get enough of that delicious Bloody Mary Mix. I like these guys on Facebook!

  17. I’m ashamed to say I normally buy pickles from the shelf. But I’m open to changing that behavior. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  18. Kate Marshall says:

    Ohhhh… I love their horseradish flavor! And that blood mary mix, it’s perfection on a slow Sunday morning. Great giveaway, and now I need a crunchy pickle, like now.

  19. Lauren says:

    My husband is a quintessential pickle man. For example, as a child he’d bring pickle trays to school for his birthday instead of cupcakes. I’m a convert too now and can’t wait to find (or win!) these Real Dill treats!

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