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clockwise from top left: corduroy overalls, red acid wash jean jacket, heathtex toddler t-shirt, bonpoint knit sweater.

hey all! there’s a handful of new goodies in my etsy shop, ollie’s vintage. pop on over and take a peek. as always, A Denver Home Companion reader’s get 10% off their purchase. just enter ADHC10 at check-out! spread the word…


look at these vintage dresses for girls! i think they’re perfect for the fall weather that’s soon to arrive. alas, most of them are too small for ramona so i’m passing on these great finds to my etsy shop, ollie’s vintage. click the photo to be brought to that item in the store.

there’s lots of other vintage baby clothing items (not just dresses) for little ones up as well. stop on by, take a look, buy a cute piece for your mini human or a gift for a friend (i know lots of women are having babies this time of year!). as always, A Denver Home Companion readers get 10% off their purchase. just enter ADHC10 at check out.

some shameless self-promotion:

      • new items weekly at my vintage baby clothing shop. 10% discount for a denver home companion readers. enter ADHC10 at checkout.
      • chomping on cold whole apples seems to help teething babies. need more ideas? ice cubes work great too! supervision highly advised.
      • i went to the first denver bloggers association meeting at black eye coffee. great ideas and interesting people. i’m looking forward to more meetings (and for them to update their website).
      • also, my mom made a shirt for me! like it? she sells them for $60. she also sells ramona’s famous bonnet for $25 and ramona’s darling long dresses for $30. email me for more information, if you’re interested in placing an order.
      • new hashtag on instagram: #whatramonawore (my username is eopower). i have a lot more fun dressing mo in the morning than dressing myself. it’ll be fun to have this little instagram “album” to see the different things i put her in.
      • i have a youtube channel! i dump my videos here and recently was going through them and wanted to share some of them with all of you:

do you have a youtube page? leave your username in the comments below so i can check it out!




saturday morning, for the first time since before ramona was born, i went estate sale shopping with my friend amanda, from the petrichor.

oh my. i used to do this every weekend but it’s rather hard to do when loading and unloading a baby at every stop. also, try lugging a baby around while searching for treasures in a house filled with other scavengers. impossible. so ramona spent the morning with jp’s parents and amanda and i followed the route we had mapped out the day before.

my loot was good. i was pleased. it felt good to get back out but, still, i was a bit rusty. my plan is to make this an at-least-once-a-month event. which means i may be revamping my etsy shop. again. or starting another one. bc, for me, it’s the hunt that is so much fun. my little house does not have enough room or wall space for all the treasures i bring back. so take a look around. let me know if there’s something you have your eye on. make me a deal. buy my stuff! (email me if you have more questions about any specific item).

the loot. twas a successful thrifting saturday morning.

clockwise from left: nude drawing $40, mexican print $20, oil on canvas $30

mexican rag dolls, $10 each ($5 for the little one); dhurri/kilim rug, $40

clockwise starting at top: woven purse, $30; woven bag, $15; woven basket, $8

here are some estate sale-ing tips:

  • use websites like estatesales.net to find out about local estate sales going on. craigslist can be good too, esp for estate sales not run by third parties.
  • map out a route beforehand. maximize your time and miles by sticking to one or two neighborhoods. if it’s yard sale season, sometimes you can squeeze these in between stops. just look for neon signs on the corner.
  • don’t be afraid to do the slow drive-by for yard sales. don’t waste your time getting out if the yard sale is really just a bunch of junk that should’ve been donated or junked years ago.
  • always carry cash. in many denominations.
  • when you enter the house, quickly familiarize yourself with the organizers’ rules. do they take only cash? can you bargain? it helps to know how they like to run the show.
  • do a quick walk through when you get inside the house. stop only for the goods that immediately catch your attention.
  • then after this, go through more meticulously only if the house seems to hold promise for what you are looking for.
  • always check the basement for hidden goodies. and the garage. some of my favorite finds come from these places usually overrun by weird men looking for tools.
  • don’t be afraid to bargain. most people are down for knocking some bucks off, esp if you’ve got a lot of goodies. besides, the worse they can say is no.
  • know what price you are willing to pay for something and walk away if you can’t get it. if you don’t follow this rule, you will end up with a lot of junk and spend too much money.