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photo c/o kathryn bacalis photography. do not use w/o written permission.

yesterday the lovely kathryn bacalis came over to snap some shots of our little space in lohi for an apartment therapy home tour. this arrangement was the kick-in-the-butt we needed to get our home in tip-top shape (painting the dingy kitchen, getting rid of our boob fans [seriously, they looked like big boobs], cleaning areas that i have been remiss in cleaning… for three years). i’m really pleased w how everything turned out. and i’m extremely pleased w kathryn who was an absolute delight to work with! i cannot wait to see the rest of the images when it comes out on apartment therapy.

congratulations to commenter nicole of hey! party collective! nicole: make sure to get in touch w me w/in one week to claim your prize. 

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A Denver Home Companion | valentine vignette

a view of our couch when i got bored during ramona’s extra long nap.

in case you missed it:

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2 A Denver Home Companion | dala horse as christmas decoration A Denver Home Companion | little sapling toys nativity scene

our little tiny home doesn’t have a ton of space for lots of christmas decorations. but this year i did more than years past.

not pictured are the amazing paper snowflakes jp and i cut up while watching HIMYM, which we taped on the windows and front door. next year i’ll be adding fake evergreen around the large picture frames on our walls and some DIY garland. and it will always smell like christmas.

A Denver Home Companion | 2013 downloadable monthly calendar

you may know by now that the only way my home stays clean is by sticking to a daily 20-minute cleaning schedule i ripped off of apartment therapy. i’ve relied on this schedule (which i hang up on my fridge) for three years now. every december i search the web for a good-looking printable monthly calendar set. this year i teamed up with one of my favorite bloggers and IRL gal pal, amanda from the petrichor, to create our own calendar that YOU can download too!

it’s a clean, modern, simple monthly calendar. and did i mention it’s downloadable and printable and free?!

2013 monthly calendar

what would you use monthly calendars for?

also, congratulations to jenny who won my eBags giveaway! are you all following my guest board for eBags on pinterest? you should. i’m having lots of fun doing it.

our first 10 days of advent have been quite nice. there’s been lots of hot cocoa and little sweet treats and crafts done in front of favorite movies and television shows. the weather continues to be dreamy and so there have been long, drawn-out dates with the animals and lazy days lounging around the house in pajamas. today i am off to buy mistletoe to hang as an excuse to smooch my lover (of course, i don’t really need one but it’s oh so fun) but first i’m catching up on emails and letters and little projects while ramona snoozes and my christmas candles make my space smell devine.

cheers to you and yours!

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