A Denver Home Companion || sandalwood room spray

i keep a glass amber bottle next to my bedside that’s water and lavender essential oil. i cannot get enough of the fresh, soothing scent right before bedtime. it helps prepare me mentally for sleep. but lavender, rightly so, can be an easy scent to turn to in eco-friendly products for home. so i looked up ways i could spice up my scents for other rooms, while still maintaining the calm of lavender. my first search led me to a mixture of essential oils i already had (bonus!): sandalwood, chamomile, and lavender. used in essentially equal parts (though i have chosen to make mine more sandalwood heavy bc i love the masculine smell) it is a great spray perfect for living rooms or offices. it calms, relaxes, relieves some anxiety, and just plain smells amazing.

in a 4 oz glass spray bottle, fill with water and add equal parts sandalwood, lavender, chamomile. adding a bit of vodka can help emulsify the concoction, allowing the oils and water to mix evenly. shake it up and spray around. inhale. relax. repeat. enjoy.

A Denver Home Companion | free printable downloadable monthly calendars for 2014

it’s that time of year again: monthly calendars for organizing my daily cleaning schedule! and you can use them too! they’re free to download and free to print. want to get organized and tidy for the new year? i suggest putting these up on your fridge to mark down any important dates or commitments or travel plans or major to-dos.

2014 printable downloadable calendar by eopower

many thanks to my dear friend, bree, who designed this exclusively for a denver home companion. thanks bree!

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A Denver Home Companion | mistletoe

that being said, i couldn’t help but hang up the real live mistletoe that arrived at my doorstep tout suite. i’ve made sure i catch jp under there at least a handful of times a day. smooch!

i’ve got lots extra! interested in some? i can send some to your doorstep for $5 (includes shipping!). just email me with your paypal email address and i’ll invoice you and, most likely, get it out that same day.


A Denver Home Companion | ramona's room

with little bug on the way, it’s clear that it’s time to find ramona a room for herself. she shared a bed with us for nearly the first year of her life. since that time, she’s slept in a crib in the middle of our basement that, though it has finished walls and ceilings, is hardly more than a concrete room with low ceilings (we live in a one bedroom home). but now we’re nearly done with a back part of the basement storage area that we were able to throw up some walls and create a small room for ramona. i can’t decorate until next week –after the carpet and baseboard is installed– but after that, i’m on a mission to make this teeny space perfect for miss minka moo. here’s what i’ve come up with so far:

clockwise from top left: || ekby jarpen shelf || gypsya bright paisley pillow || onefortythree brass wall sconce || vintage black dala horse ||  tarva dresser || moroccan leather pouf || roopantaran kantha quilt || adhesive black polka dots for the wall by walls by mur ||

what else, besides books and lovies and a few toys, does a little girl’s room need?


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apartment therapy small cool contest for our tiny home.

A Denver Home Companion | apartment therapy small cool home contest