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it’s that time, right before the holidays. the autumn has settled in and the winter is drawing near. plans for thanksgiving and christmas are starting to move around in my head but i’m not ready to give in to the hype just yet. ever? for now, i’m enjoying my quiet moments, my cozy home, my fall candle, my space free of decorations. before things get a little more hectic. i am reminding myself that things only need to be as complicated as i allow them. here’s to simplicity.

take a breath. take it in. enjoy and be thankful for what you have. 


4 Responses to QUIET MOMENTS

  1. sarah sibley says:

    beautiful and mindful. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. […] that being said, i couldn’t help but hang up the real live mistletoe that arrived at my doorstep tout suite. i’ve made sure i catch jp under there at least a handful of times a day. smooch! […]

  3. Jillian says:

    I am ALL about the simplicity, especially now that we live out west away from our families. Gone are the days of shuffling to 4 different houses for 4 different celebrations, all in one day. We went back and did it once after we moved out here – never again.

    Last year was our first holiday season away from family. Let’s just say, I was a little extreme in my rebellion. For Thanksgiving, I only made a turkey breast since it was just the two of us. It got worse come Christmas. Zac and I made hot dogs (yes, hot dogs) for our Christmas dinner. We didn’t even boil them, we microwaved them. I don’t regret that because it was pretty amazing and hilarious, but I did miss making a full turkey! So this year, even though it’s just us two (and THREE DOGS!) I am making a 10 lb heritage turkey. I am going to make stock, freeze a bunch and enjoy the leftovers. It’s a tradition, and one I missed. But everyone must find their own balance.

    • emily says:

      oh jill. you crack me up. this year will be the first year where we stay home christmas eve and wake up with just the powerdriver three on christmas morning. i’m very much looking forward to it and am slowly gathering ideas for how to make it feel like our traditions. this is not to say i don’t appreciate the traditions of my family and jp’s–i’m gleaning much from what our respective mothers have established for their own families. the fun part is picking and choosing and making it our own.

      it sounds like you figured out you like the two of you but miss the big food! you go girl!

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