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with little bug on the way, it’s clear that it’s time to find ramona a room for herself. she shared a bed with us for nearly the first year of her life. since that time, she’s slept in a crib in the middle of our basement that, though it has finished walls and ceilings, is hardly more than a concrete room with low ceilings (we live in a one bedroom home). but now we’re nearly done with a back part of the basement storage area that we were able to throw up some walls and create a small room for ramona. i can’t decorate until next week –after the carpet and baseboard is installed– but after that, i’m on a mission to make this teeny space perfect for miss minka moo. here’s what i’ve come up with so far:

clockwise from top left: || ekby jarpen shelf || gypsya bright paisley pillow || onefortythree brass wall sconce || vintage black dala horse ||  tarva dresser || moroccan leather pouf || roopantaran kantha quilt || adhesive black polka dots for the wall by walls by mur ||

what else, besides books and lovies and a few toys, does a little girl’s room need?


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  1. Can I come live in Ramona’s room? Love this look! And thank you so much for sharing our vintage dala horse 🙂

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