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the previous images are our christmas in a nutshell: packing, advent sweet treats, car rides, shoe shines at the airport (a new tradition), meeting new family members (welcome, shea mabel!), a family swedish meal for christmas eve dinner (swedish meatballs, rice pudding, mashed potatoes, my mom’s most delicious gravy, brussel sprouts, and beets with goat cheese), singing happy birthday to baby jesus in the manger (an old tradition), opening stockings from santa, showing off gifts from nona and pops, lazily lounging around the house before devouring christmas lunch (ham and warm baby kale salad with potato au gratin, roasted beets, gourmet cheese board, and epi baguettes).

it was a great christmas spent with my parents and brother and his family in minneapolis. it always feels quite magical up there. i’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from the way my parents have always celebrated the birth of christ and i look forward to creating our own powerdriver traditions when we stay at our home for christmas next year.


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our little tiny home doesn’t have a ton of space for lots of christmas decorations. but this year i did more than years past.

not pictured are the amazing paper snowflakes jp and i cut up while watching HIMYM, which we taped on the windows and front door. next year i’ll be adding fake evergreen around the large picture frames on our walls and some DIY garland. and it will always smell like christmas.