ramona and violet and lacey. my lovely ladies.

psst, our new restaurant, the populist, opens this wednesday, november 14th. bc of the madness that’s our life right now i’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers to pick up my slack and do some guests posts. you’ll see them starting soon! 

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for her first birthday, ramona received a membership to the denver zoo from jp’s parents. we usually go later in the afternoon when there’s fewer field-trips and thus fewer children. she can run around the wide paths and get the wiggles out and i can introduce her to the real-life animals whose sounds i’ve been teaching her.

last week jp was battling a stomach bug so headed to the zoo to give him some quiet space and us some fresh air.

she loves finding puddles and stomping her little feet in them. the sea lion caught her eye and she stood on the ledge patiently waiting for it to swim past over and over. and that little black and white bird! the two of them stayed there for a handful of minutes (a long time in toddler-time) and talked to each other and mirrored one another and ran back and forth together. finally she noticed me standing a little bit away and ran over to grab my hand to make sure i wouldn’t miss out on these flirtations with the little bird (this hand-holding thing is new and just kills me every time!).


most of this may very well be old news to some of you. i, however, was out-of-the-loop and off the internet for nearly a week straight. i spent sunday morning during ramona’s nap going through what i’d missed on reader, pinterest, facebook, and other-ways-to-waste-your-time platforms. here’s a list of links to go with your monday morning coffee (i’m copying your style, alli!):


lacey is really a good mama.

the kids have grown much bigger now and it’s almost time to move them on to their new home (max’s parents are taking them!). but for now we love having these two frolickers around. they’ve been taken such good care of by their mama that we’re not really worried about how they’ll do out on their own. sounds sorta like how children work too, don’t ya think?

have a good weekend everyone!



or at least her favorite toy.

i know i’ve talked about this before but we were really nervous about introducing a baby into a home with otto. otto is not the most socially adept of dogs. he’s so predictably unpredictable with other small animals and not huge fan of sharing my attention. not so with this little creature. he hasn’t always been particularly fond of her. but he’s certainly shown a healthy level of respect and, recently, some more bits of affection for her. he lets her crawl on him and pet swat at him. sometimes he will even initiate the kisses.

and things between him and i are better. i think his resentment is waning and he’s back to being forthright in looking to me for love and attention. i’m back to being his favorite 🙂