or at least her favorite toy.

i know i’ve talked about this before but we were really nervous about introducing a baby into a home with otto. otto is not the most socially adept of dogs. he’s so predictably unpredictable with other small animals and not huge fan of sharing my attention. not so with this little creature. he hasn’t always been particularly fond of her. but he’s certainly shown a healthy level of respect and, recently, some more bits of affection for her. he lets her crawl on him and pet swat at him. sometimes he will even initiate the kisses.

and things between him and i are better. i think his resentment is waning and he’s back to being forthright in looking to me for love and attention. i’m back to being his favorite 🙂


One Response to a babe’s best friend

  1. I was pretty nervous about introducing my daughter to a dog for the first time — a friend’s beagle went kinda nuts and bit their 8 month old son enough to need stitches (they ended up pleading in court for her not to be put down and now she’s back with the family/breeders where they got her). But so far so good — my in-laws’ cocker spaniel is such a little lover.

    p.s. I love Otto’s full name so, so much. We know another dog named Otto too!

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