A Denver Home Companion | best hair products for fine hair

continuing on my vain vein of posts about my favorite toiletries, we reach hair products! oh boy! without even reading the list you can see i am a Bumble & bumble whore. it’s true. for styling products they are the best. for reals. they make something for everyone and every sort of hair. there’s certainly been some trial and error when i’ve tried other B&b products not listed here. so this is my arsenal that i now stick to. mind you, dear reader, my hair is short, color-treated, fine, and stick straight. but, i’ve been told, i have a decent amount of it (so i’ve been instructed by my stylist to stop using the word “thin”). the following products may or may not be useful to you depending on your type of hair. as with my make-up, i don’t always use everything every day. but some days i go crazy and there’s a lot of product in my hair. really, it just depends on how i feel that morning or what i have going on later that day. so, without further ado: some explanations and links.

top row (left to right)

  • swissco tortoise wet comb/it says it in the name: perfect for detangling and combing wet hair.
  • mason pearson boar bristle brush/i must confess that i do not own this brush (yet!) but a useful knock-off. i became acquainted w mason pearson brushes when i worked at a high-end salon in chicago during college and those brushes, seriously, are amazing. it is on my list to save up for one eventually. the boar bristle tufts work wonders on fine hair. my knock-off, with boar and nylon tufts, also works great and will certainly suffice until it breaks (at which point a mason pearson will be mine!).

bottom row (left to right)

  • prep spray/a great base layer before treating w heat or adding any other products. particularly good for limp hair like mine. can be used on wet or dry hair.
  • thickening spray/does exactly what the name says. it gives great lift without being overly drying (which is how typical “thickening” and “volumizing” products work).
  • sumo tech/my hair, after being blown-out, still needs some oomph. it is that fine and limp and straight. i rub this in my palm and work it through all my hair –basically making it stand up crazy– and then lightly smooth down. it gives it texture and depth.
  • spray de mode/my favorite hairspray with a good but not crazy hold. i reserve this for days when i am really trying to get made-up and have my hair stand out (or up!).
  • brilliantine/this is a creme that adds some shine and more of a slept-in look. i don’t think i’ll  be replacing it when it runs out but it has served its purpose and is especially great on unwashed hair that just needs a little personality or on adding a finishing touch on my extra done-up hair days.

what products do you swear by? are you loyal to a certain brand or have you found that mixing and matching works best for you? what is your greatest challenge w the type of hair you have and how have you managed or overcome it? 

A Denver Home Companion | best makeup ever

here’s how i make-up my face (spiraling in clockwise from top left):

  1. smashbox camera ready bb cream w spf 35 — lighter than foundation but just as good (if not better!) coverage
  2. various cheek tints from benefit cosmetics — i choose a color depending on my mood, my outfit, or the weather!
  3. sonia kashuk blush brush — this for the powder, and a similar angled contour one for blush
  4. mac prep+prime for lips — a good base for painted lips
  5. mac ruby woo lipstick — a one size fits all sorta color. i feel just as comfy wearing this w my around the house gear as i do getting dressed up for a night out w my hubby
  6. stella nude eau de toilette (no longer available but here’s another one from the same line that i love)
  7. nars orgasm blush — also a one size fits all sorts color for cheeks. i put on a lot or put on a little depending on how feisty i’m feeling
  8. bare escentuals flawless radiance — some days i use this all over, some days i use just to highlight, some days i use it instead of the bb cream. it seems to work great to work as a concealer of sorts.
  9. sonia kashuk eyelash curler
  10. smashbox photo finish lid primer — i never wear eyeshadow so this gives my lids a nice, finished, matte look.
  11. maybelline great lash blackest black mascara w curved brush — hands down the best mascara out there.
  12. sonia kashuk eyebrow gel — i use this after i put on powder to shape and set my eyebrows
  13. smashbox photo op under eye brightener — i put this on last. it helps to lessen the perpetual dark circles under my eyes.

some days i use just the curler and mascara, other days i make sure there’s some rosy cheek action, and yet other days it’s all of it from the bb cream to the lipstick. the great thing about these products and the way in which i put them on is that they do a bang-up job at giving my fair skin a (relatively) flawless look rather than a done-up look. the best make-up job –i believe– is when you can’t tell it’s there but rather it just seems to accentuate features of the face. i’d agree. i don’t like shimmer and shine and lots of colors and heavy foundation. these products listed above –though there’s quite a few– work well together to create a made-up face that is as appropriate out for a cup of coffee or hanging out as home as it is for a girls night out or a sexy dinner date. and though i’m fair skinned, many of these products are versatile enough that other women w different skin tones could also use them as everyday products.

love toiletries and beauty products as much as i do? check out my other posts on my shower must-haves and base layer products.

A Denver Home Companion | BASE LAYER

spiraling in clockwise from top:

after the shower routine and before the hair and make-up routine, it’s the base layer routine. ya gotta prep that skin! this is my current arsenal for making sure my skin is fully moisturized and protected (the dryness and sun in colorado are brutal) and i’m pretty satisfied with the results.

however, i’m open to new ideas for a great overall body lotion and also i’m taking suggestions for face moisturizers with a higher spf. what do you use? have any insights into what works best for you?

*p.s. items not to scale. duh.

A Denver Home Companion | shower routine

  1. weleda birch body scrub — a nice little treat when my skin is feeling tired.
  2. dr bronner’s tea tree pure castille soap — a versatile soap that is gentle enough that we’ve been using it on ramona since she was a newborn. i also use it in household cleaning projects. it smells divine.
  3. shea moisture african black soap — my face isn’t acne prone but this soap still does wonders and actually makes my face softer and more moisturized.
  4. dermalogica daily microfoliant — definitely gentle enough to use every day. this scrubs away dry skin, impurities, and leaves my face glowing.
  5. aveda damage remedy shampoo and conditioner — i am only happy with this pair. i have fine, color-treated hair and it’s never been healthier or fuller.
  6. vintage safety razor with proraso — yes, i’m sorta crazy in my stubbornness not to buy a fancy woman razor. i splurge on all the other above items but just can’t seem to justify the price of disposable razors!

do tell: what are your must-haves in the shower? 

i’ll follow up next week with my outta-the-shower-moisturizing-getting-ready-for-the-day routine!

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