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after the shower routine and before the hair and make-up routine, it’s the base layer routine. ya gotta prep that skin! this is my current arsenal for making sure my skin is fully moisturized and protected (the dryness and sun in colorado are brutal) and i’m pretty satisfied with the results.

however, i’m open to new ideas for a great overall body lotion and also i’m taking suggestions for face moisturizers with a higher spf. what do you use? have any insights into what works best for you?

*p.s. items not to scale. duh.

A Denver Home Companion | shower routine

  1. weleda birch body scrub — a nice little treat when my skin is feeling tired.
  2. dr bronner’s tea tree pure castille soap — a versatile soap that is gentle enough that we’ve been using it on ramona since she was a newborn. i also use it in household cleaning projects. it smells divine.
  3. shea moisture african black soap — my face isn’t acne prone but this soap still does wonders and actually makes my face softer and more moisturized.
  4. dermalogica daily microfoliant — definitely gentle enough to use every day. this scrubs away dry skin, impurities, and leaves my face glowing.
  5. aveda damage remedy shampoo and conditioner — i am only happy with this pair. i have fine, color-treated hair and it’s never been healthier or fuller.
  6. vintage safety razor with proraso — yes, i’m sorta crazy in my stubbornness not to buy a fancy woman razor. i splurge on all the other above items but just can’t seem to justify the price of disposable razors!

do tell: what are your must-haves in the shower? 

i’ll follow up next week with my outta-the-shower-moisturizing-getting-ready-for-the-day routine!

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