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after the shower routine and before the hair and make-up routine, it’s the base layer routine. ya gotta prep that skin! this is my current arsenal for making sure my skin is fully moisturized and protected (the dryness and sun in colorado are brutal) and i’m pretty satisfied with the results.

however, i’m open to new ideas for a great overall body lotion and also i’m taking suggestions for face moisturizers with a higher spf. what do you use? have any insights into what works best for you?

*p.s. items not to scale. duh.


  1. Libby Tegeler says:

    If you ever want to try a different deo, I have a recipe for one that is so simple and has been better than anything I have tried from the store. It’s equal parts baking soda and clarified coconut oil. You can play with the amounts of each ingredient depending on what consistency you enjoy. I also add essential oils to mine for a lovely scent. The baking soda helps absorb some sweat. The coconut oil is a natural antibacterial. It has never irritated my skin. BTW, I love everyone lavender lotion and Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel. Hope you are well!

  2. Kristen. says:

    These collages you make are so cute. How do you make them? (I know, I’m clueless)

    • emily says:

      hi kristen! i do it all in photoshop. basically, i create a canvas, gather and save a bunch of images from the web, crop the images, and then cut and paste them onto the canvas (sometimes i have to tweak with image size and layering). then i save this and insert into my post! it took some trial and error but now is super easy to do.

  3. koan says:

    Cetaphil takes me back to my more unfortunate days of major, major, MAJOR acne. I was on some wicked stuff that really dried out my skin and Cetaphil was my saving grace. Good stuff.

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