Hi, there! I’m PJ from Bunny & Dolly. When Emily asked if I’d share a little something on her blog, I immediately had a topic in mind: fashion. Specifically, I wanted to write about toddler fashion inspired by Emily’s sweet daughter, Ramona. I’m kind of obsessed with Ramona’s free-spirited, playful style. I mean, did you see her Little Edie costume for Halloween?

I try my best to stylishly dress my 16-month-old son, Levi, but it’s not always easy. I avoid licensed cartoons, oversize logos, and cutesy slogans as much as possible, so Levi ends up wearing a lot of stripes! There are definitely more fashion-forward and fun clothing options for little girls, and—bonus!—they aren’t stuck wearing pants every day. Even in the winter, little girls can frolic in a skirt or dress by pulling on a warm pair of leggings underneath. Boys, on the other hand, can choose from jeans, corduroys or khakis. Boring!

Here’s how I’d dress a toddler girl with as much spunk and flair as Ramona:

Clockwise: Old Navy Fleece Hoodie Dress, Cherokee Ruffle Front Cardigan, GAP Velvet Band Jacket, Gap Sequin Tulle Bubble Skirt, Winter Water Factory Rocking Horse Dress, Nordic Blooms Layer Dress, United Colors of Benetton Kids Knit Dress

what great outfits, PJ! no wonder levi always looks so handsome 😉 thank you so much for making a style board for miss bean and for guest posting on my little blog today. i loved having you!


look at these vintage dresses for girls! i think they’re perfect for the fall weather that’s soon to arrive. alas, most of them are too small for ramona so i’m passing on these great finds to my etsy shop, ollie’s vintage. click the photo to be brought to that item in the store.

there’s lots of other vintage baby clothing items (not just dresses) for little ones up as well. stop on by, take a look, buy a cute piece for your mini human or a gift for a friend (i know lots of women are having babies this time of year!). as always, A Denver Home Companion readers get 10% off their purchase. just enter ADHC10 at check out.

some shameless self-promotion:

      • new items weekly at my vintage baby clothing shop. 10% discount for a denver home companion readers. enter ADHC10 at checkout.
      • chomping on cold whole apples seems to help teething babies. need more ideas? ice cubes work great too! supervision highly advised.
      • i went to the first denver bloggers association meeting at black eye coffee. great ideas and interesting people. i’m looking forward to more meetings (and for them to update their website).
      • also, my mom made a shirt for me! like it? she sells them for $60. she also sells ramona’s famous bonnet for $25 and ramona’s darling long dresses for $30. email me for more information, if you’re interested in placing an order.
      • new hashtag on instagram: #whatramonawore (my username is eopower). i have a lot more fun dressing mo in the morning than dressing myself. it’ll be fun to have this little instagram “album” to see the different things i put her in.
      • i have a youtube channel! i dump my videos here and recently was going through them and wanted to share some of them with all of you:

do you have a youtube page? leave your username in the comments below so i can check it out!




my sweet ramona,

you come from two lines of great families. we’re not political families, nor socialites, nor is there old money (or new money for that matter!). but between the powers and the drivers, your history starts w quite a legacy. there are teachers and counselors and coordinators and developers. there are students and doctors and entrepreneurs and artists. there are lovers and fighters and seekers and explainers. i list (and brag about!) these livelihoods and traits to illustrate to you that you can be whatever you want to be within this family. you will be supported and you will, unconditionally as much as humanly possible, be loved.

we are family people. we are tight knit. we like tradition and game nights. we love family dinners. we make fun of one another and we support one another. there are daily phone calls and texted photos showing off our little ones or projects. we do, of course, get sick of each other.

your family believes in marriage and God and hard work and silliness and creativity. we are not perfect. sometimes we fight. always we find a way to constructively make-up. family –and the history of a family– can be messy and complicated. we are not free from this. we are all so different. it is good to have this in your history bc it can help you figure out better who you are. and where you fit into the scheme of things.

this letter does little to fully explain to you where and who you come from or what your history is. ask questions. expect real answers. listen to the stories of your mother and father, your grandparents, your aunt and uncles. get to know us. as you get older you will piece together your own idea of your history and what came before you. this patchwork of the past will explain some things about who you are or why your parents do the things they do. it will probably frustrate you and sometimes, i regret to say, disappoint you. but my prayer is that you mostly discover the pride and joy that i have coming from –or marrying into– these families.  i feel incredibly blessed and i hope you grow up feeling the same.

i love you, minka. love, mama.


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this post is done in collaboration with sakura bloom. the sling i am wearing is the simple linen in wheat. the beautiful photos are by megan newton of megan newton photography who graciously did a portrait shoot for the power side of the family. they were taken at the populist, jp’s new restaurant slated to open in denver at the end of august 2012.

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my dear ramona bean,

be kind and clear and honest in your communications. respect others’ opinions. respect your own: mean what you say and say what you mean. i have certainly said this before.

listen well and thoughtfully.

communication is not just speaking and listening. it is using your whole body and all of your senses and gifts and blessings. it can be something you do by yourself in quiet moments. and something you communicate to the whole world when you create something and share it with others.

i believe you can most effectively communicate when you explore and research the world around you; when you open yourself up to learning new things and meeting new people. touch, taste, smell, see, feel, speak, listen, dance, learn, teach. communicate.

i love you. love, mama

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this post is done in collaboration with sakura bloom. the sling i am wearing is the simple linen in wheat. the beautiful photos are by tessa richardson and were taken at my favorite denver store, ironwood.

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