my dear ramona bean,

be kind and clear and honest in your communications. respect others’ opinions. respect your own: mean what you say and say what you mean. i have certainly said this before.

listen well and thoughtfully.

communication is not just speaking and listening. it is using your whole body and all of your senses and gifts and blessings. it can be something you do by yourself in quiet moments. and something you communicate to the whole world when you create something and share it with others.

i believe you can most effectively communicate when you explore and research the world around you; when you open yourself up to learning new things and meeting new people. touch, taste, smell, see, feel, speak, listen, dance, learn, teach. communicate.

i love you. love, mama

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this post is done in collaboration with sakura bloom. the sling i am wearing is the simple linen in wheat. the beautiful photos are by tessa richardson and were taken at my favorite denver store, ironwood.

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5 Responses to sling diaries: COMMUNICATION

  1. Kimmy says:

    yes. ironwood.

  2. MEL says:

    Amen! A very appropriate July 4th message as well–communication could help our dear country as well.

    Be safe in dry CO!

  3. Amanda says:

    Love Ironwood. Great shots.

  4. What a cool store! She is adorable. Sweet series. 🙂

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