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after a full day’s work and a full face of day-old lotion and sunscreen and make-up, it’s time to get my face squeaky clean for a good night’s sleep. typically, nighttime routines should be more intense than washing your face in the morning (i use facial bar soap and daily scrub in the AM, but often people just splash w water or use face wipes. whatever works!) bc there’s typically a lot more gunk on there. the above items are what i use (or really want to have to be able to use!).

clockwise from left

what’s your nighttime routine? any products you swear by? 


  1. bionicbriana says:

    I got a clarisonic Mia doe Christmas and I am obsessed! I’ve even got my husband using it, too. It’s made a huge difference in my skin!

    I used to love alternating between retin-A and glycolic acid but haven’t used the retin-A in a bit as I was pregnant, then breast feeding and now I don’t have a prescription anymore.

    I’m a sucker for beauty products. Thanks for sharing your routine!

  2. Seabron Pelc says:

    I love that you’re doing this Emily! I’m pretty product-obsessed myself, and love my daily routines and LOVE to hear what other people do/use. Keep em coming!

  3. courtney says:

    I’m super curious about that Clarisonic Mia! Wish I had $120 sitting around to spend on one – so nice that you could try it out at Chez Mama. 🙂 Loving this series!

  4. Alli says:

    I had never heard of the Clarisonic Mia before & now two people have blogged about it in the last week. A comment on the other blog (Vanilla & Lace) mentioned that baking soda works just as well for 1/8th (if that?!) of the price. I use an exfoliating face scrub (Australian brand Sukin Organics – I pretty much use only their products, except for Lancome Bi Facal eye make-up remover, I swear by it) on mornings where I haven’t slept well or have drunk a little too much the night before, as it helps make you look a little more fresh!
    I love these posts too!

  5. My mom also got one of those very fancy face scrubbers for Christmas and gave me her Oil of Olay knockoff, but it does the trick! I usually just mix up baking soda and use it instead of cleanser, but for normal days I do the oil cleansing method, a 1/2 + 1/2 mixture of castor oil and EVOO. Leave it on my face in the shower and then work it off gently with a washcloth (that sounded dirty) but it gets everything off.

    I have a friend who swears by the Vodka scrub from Lush and then coconut oil right afterwards, I think I’m going to try that next. Her skin looks amazing. I also once got a little tube of Jurlique moisturizer in a random gifted Birch Box and I definitely want to fork over the $40 for that stuff in the very near future, it was magical!

    I do have a little bottle of Thayer’s in my cabinet that I forgot about until now, I’m going to put that back into rotation!

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