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this week’s links are either a week late or a day early, depending on how you tend to look at things. ah, well, vacation called and i was off the grid for a bit. but i’m back! and can’t wait to catch up with all of you. i’ll be back tomorrow and more regularly next week w photos of our stay at the beach as well as some thoughts on sweet treats for little ones, potty training, and some great new denver happenings.

2 Responses to THE WEEK’S LINKS

  1. Batya says:

    Emily, as always, I love the links. The EatDrinkCreate event looks like it was terrific fun! And what an awesome post on AT.Your place is beautifully edited, but it still has so much character and warmth. I’m really impressed by what you’ve done with the space (which is a size I’m well familiar with, having lived in less than 600 sq. ft. for the better part of a decade until we moved to Denver.) I’m also incredibly envious that you’re able to get through books. I’ve been “working” on The Art of Fielding for weeks already and not much progress has been made on that front. Maybe I should just get off Pinterest 🙂 Happy Day!

  2. endelaney says:

    Oh my soul…that little lady is way too cute! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your house tour! Your bathroom is a dream:) We dream of building our own home to be around 500 sq. feet, even when our family grows. It is inspiring to see others do it well and with style!

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