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dear lovely readers,

if i could give you all a yummy baked good and sit down w each of you for conversation over coffee, i most certainly would. over the years and as this blog has grown and i’ve gotten to meet some fabulous people — both near and far, in real life and just through the interwebs. i want to thank you all for your kind words, thoughtful questions, and support for me as a mama, writer, documenter, and sometimes over-sharer. your involvement and participation at this little space has been encouraging, affirming, and welcoming. thanks for being a part of A Denver Home Companion. this place is a lot better with people like you!

as a big believer in the power and necessity of community, i’d like to open up this space to other voices. i would like to strengthen this web presence by including words from, perhaps, you!; i’m looking for contributions from writers/readers/bloggers/whathaveyou who may want participate a little bit more on my blog. it doesn’t matter if you’re based in denver or australia, male or female, single or married-with-children: if you have something you’d like to post about that makes sense for this blog, i’d love to hear from you.

i’m not sure what this will ultimately look like — or if i’ll even get any submissions! but i wanna give it a shot. if you are interested, please send your idea for a post (or a draft of one) to me at emily [at] adenverhomecompanion [dot] com. i cannot promise i’ll be able to accept and publish everything as it’s important to me to remain true to the relative energy and character of this space, but i’ll certainly consider everything. and, though i can’t pay you in moola, i promise to plug the crap outta you on the social platforms i utilize. woohoo!

again, thanks for everything. thanks for stopping by, whether that’s daily or weekly, or just here and there. thanks for saying hello. thanks for reading!




  1. Cora says:

    We will be in Denver the second week of June!! I can’t wait to meet you guys!

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