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dear ramona,

what a beach bum you were (and had)! we went to the beach this past week and you just soaked it all up. you loved loved loved the sand — especially when we let you run naked and especially when papa would bury you up to your chest. you’d go find a low spot in the sand, wiggle your butt in, and say “bury me! more bury me!”. papa would push the sand up up and up around you and you’d giggle and squeal and then try and burst out, first wiggling your toes and then flinging your legs free.

you and i would take walks up and down the sand and you’d just plunk yourself down at the water’s edge, letting out a “woohoo” whenever the wave came up and kissed your toes or hugged your body. it was only when mama took you out deeper w the choppier water that you let out cries of fear. this was, obviously, not the swimming pool you were used to! you said “no wave! play sand!” and we’d go back up to the shore, plop ourselves down, and dig for shells, letting the wet sand fall from our hands onto our legs and feet.

what fun we had with you, miss mo. i love you. love, mama.

a portrait of ramona, once a week, every week, in 2013. inspired by jodi’s project.


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  1. Meg says:

    Baby buns. That is all.

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