A Denver Home Companion | the week's end

i’m on a cleanse right now and everything was going swimmingly until i started the juicing phase of it. so i’m tired. here’s to a weekend of green-garbly-drinks and miso soup. yeehaw! i’ll meet you back on monday w a little bit more pep and A LOT more solid foods. i seriously cannot wait.

that’s all folks! have a terrific weekend.

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4 Responses to THE WEEK’S LINKS

  1. Tara says:

    I am seriously so in love with this picture of Mo. Best ponytail ever… and those rosy cheeks! To die for. Love her.

  2. Kelly says:

    good luck with your cleanse!

    is Denver a place where someone would get altitude sickness? or is it pretty low? I want to take a little family trip before this baby is coming.

    • emily says:

      denver is a mile up! but i don’t think you would notice anything re: altitude sickness unless you went hiking in the mountains. i’ve only really struggled w it (when i first moved here) when i went snowboarding or on harder hikes. or when drinking… which isn’t a factor for you right now 😉 alcohol certainly hits you harder if you’re not use to the altitude.

      come visit denver!!

  3. I am excited to meet you on Wednesday! I am helping Alexandra with planning. 🙂

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