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dear ramona,

one of your new phrases is “mo snuggle”, which translates to more snuggle. you’ve started sneaking in close to me when we’re sitting on the couch together and will say “snuggle mama”. and the best, at bedtime, when i put you in your crib you sweetly say, “mo snuggle,” so that i will pick you up again and sing the ABCs just one more time while i rock you in my arms. how can i say no to “mo snuggle” ever?

i love you. love, mama.

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One Response to MORE SNUGGLE

  1. sarah sibley says:

    is there anything more delicious than a snuggle from your babe? i think not. sylvia likes to lay on my chest and say, we’re snuggle buddies, right mama? RIGHT!
    I find that if I don’t take every minute of her snuggles now, 15 years are going to fly by and the snuggles will be over. oh man, do i love a good snuggle.

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