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happy weekend! i’m working at the populist this weekend and then we have a superbowl sunday party at our friends’ house (we plan on queso and, seriously, a KFC game day bucket or two [must be all those ads on hulu that have convinced me this is a good idea]). i’m looking forward to an impromptu denver blogger meetup next week with the lovely ladies of the following blogs: the reverie blog, you are my fave, and then we saved, the petrichor, and the proper pinwheel. my guess is we’ll have too much fun.

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our home is small. there’s not a ton of room for many decorations (if i could put a nativity scene on every single surface i would). so to enhance the feel of christmasness in this house, i treated myself to a selection of some candles for the holidays at the perfect petal in highland square. the smell of the holiday season is now wafting all about. not all of these scents are overtly christmas. but they’re enough musky and woodsy and smokey that it feels like a winter wonderland in here.

what are your favorite scents or candle companies, holiday or otherwise? what small things to you do around the house to make it feel more like thattimeofyear?

p.s. another easy (and more natural) way to make the home feel more christmas-y is to simmer some pantry staples on the stove. megan has a great tutorial on holiday simmering scents, which i definitely plan on trying.


i’ve been compiling this list of links for at least three weeks now and i think it’s one of my favorites. enjoy!

p.s. congratulations to emily who won the artifact uprising giveaway!