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i gave ramona her first home haircut a while ago. i trimmed up the bangs and made sure all the weird, long old-man wisps were cut to the length of the majority of her hair. since then, it’s grown into a mullet, even with random trims i give her here and there. so it was time for the salon. i talked up the event to ramona for some weeks leading up to, ever since we ran into my stylist, kristy, at crema. since then, ramona would often ask about going to get her haircut.

she was a pro! she sat so still and serious: lifted her head, tilted her chin, looked straight ahead. i was giggling over how stoic and sober she was throughout the whole thing. and the final product? omg. it’s amazing. short bangs and a little bob. it suits her and her personality and her style so perfectly.

A Denver Home Companion | bang salon

we celebrated with a trip to the zoo!

have you taken your child to get their hair cut? do you do cuts at home? how do they go? how do you get your little one to sit still?


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A Denver Home Companion | winter vignette

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  • the populist was recognized as being one of the best new restaurants in denver this past year by 5280 magazine! we’re so honored. (that’s my talented chef pictured below!)

A Denver Home Companion | THE POPULIST 5280 MAGAZINE

photos by carmel zucker. from pages 52 & 53 in the march 2013 issue of 5280 Magazine.