twas a full week. i love birthday weeks. but i need a really long nap. also, if anyone knows a better way to insert and format instagram photos into wordpress i’d love to hear from you. should i be using a third party app? (psst: click through to see that i didn’t completely screw up the formatting. also, click the images for larger, less distorted versions).


and the winner is: my beautiful neighbor, jenny! ( picked 4 outta 7.) i’m gonna wrap up that geode for you real cute and walk it over to your home with the babes. i think that will be a fine excuse for a long overdue date, yeah? and what fun you and avery will have breaking that thing open!

4 Responses to wordless week and elsewhere and winner

  1. Thanks for the shout out mama! Also, can you be my personal shopper? I have no style and I covet yours 😉

  2. Jenny says:

    Yay! Thank you so much, Emily!!! You are right, Avery will LOVE breaking that geode open. And, we are long long long overdue for a play date.

    I love this post, by the way, and am excited to spend some time exploring it.

    Happy day to you, lovely lady, and thanks for doing the giveaway!


  3. PJ says:

    Thanks for the link love! If only I were that organized… that calendar is amazing, and now I have to get myself some washi tape, STAT! (Oh, and a paper calendar!)

  4. melinda sue says:

    i adore your skirt. and ramona under the furniture, i died.

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