i love birthdays. i love celebrating mine and celebrating the birthdays of those close to me.

i also love tokens of love: both giving and receiving them. so in honor of my birthday, (which was yesterday but i’ve been living it up all weekend and plan to live it up right up until mother’s day), i’m giving away one DIY breakable geode from ironwood. the website tells you absolutely nothing about the store but i’ve mentioned its magical powers before. basically it’s filled with whimsy and love and magic potions (geodes and succulents and local art and vintage goods and textiles and everything i love about knick knacks and life). and if you’ve never cracked open a geode, well, i’m trying to help you out with that.

bc everyone needs a little magic in their mailbox on their birthday — a little lovely trinket to find a special home on their windowsill or bookshelf 😉 and i’d love to pass it on.

please leave a comment below saying what tradition you love celebrating on your birthday (or for others!). this is open until friday morning, 8:00 MST, at which time i’ll pick a winner and announce it!

(p.s. the photo above was taken from the ironwood facebook page. this is not a breakitopenyourself geode but that would be really sweet if it was.)


12 Responses to birthday treats [giveaway closed]

  1. Kelly says:

    I like to make a list, like you did a post back, about things to accomplish in the coming year. And I like to celebrate my birthday with some time spent as a family, some time spent alone, and some time spent as a couple.

  2. I like to have cake for breakfast! Happy Birthday!

  3. Kim says:

    My new tradition (started last year) is I go on a quick vacation…somewhere on the beach. I invite whoever wants to come but all I want to do is lay on the beach with a book.

  4. Jenny says:

    I like to tell my son the story of his birth, and what was going on during that time, what the weather was like, what funny things daddy said, etc. We’ve done this every year for Avery, and will do the same for Elsa. I stole it from my sister-in-law! But I love it. I love going back to that magical time of newborn loveliness. I hope to do this always, even when the kids are teenagers! Ew, gross mom! I can already hear it…

    Thanks for this lovely post, Emily! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful birthday week!

  5. mld says:

    I loved the treasure hunt, the # of clues = the number of years, for you and Brian to find your big gift. Papa used to spend a lot of time working on it!

    As my birthday approaches I think of my mom being pregnant and delivering me – so impractical to fly nine months pregnant on a prop plane from California to Minnesota so she could have her mom take care of her – and so practical while in labor to wait in the hospital parking lot til after midnight. I especially miss my mom on my birthday.

  6. Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday! I also tell my boys birth stories on their birthdays, love that tradition. My birthday is on valentines day, I haven’t been able to for the past couple of years, but my own tradition is to do/get something special for myself and get dolled up (plan to start again next year). Previous years I’ve bought myself a small piece of jewelry, new shoes, vintage dress (all red of course) and got my hair and make-up done.

  7. tessa bessa says:

    Since my 16th birthday, I’ve made a tradition out of giving my mother flowers on my birthday as a thank you for bringing me in to this world.

  8. tessa bessa says:

    Also. I love Dorian’s (husband’s) birthday (Dec 7th). We’ve established a couple really great traditions. First, I make him a marble fudge cake the night before (out of the box. this is love – i hate mixes. but its his favorite, it’s what his mom made him growing up). He eats this for breakfast on his birthday. (gross). Then we drive a couple hours in to the country to a tree farm, and we pick out a christmas tree for him to chop down. We bring it back home to the city, and spend the evening decorating the apartment for Christmas with some close friends, eating oysters and drinking whiskey.

  9. emily says:

    thanks, ladies! your birthday traditions are so wonderful and make me want to steal some of your ideas (i’ll be telling ramona her birth story on july 15th, for sure).

    i think time to yourself: dressing up, buying a little token for yourself, getting away for some reflection, are such great ways to celebrate YOU.

  10. Lorissa says:

    I like to order up a slice of the Spring Fling cake from the market downtown and spend an evening drinking wine and eating good food outside under some hanging lights somewhere.

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