our dear little bean,

as i said last week, you are quite the dancer! papa tried a couple times feeling for you but you were too polite and gentle to really give him a good kick. one night, laying in bad before we fell asleep, papa put his hand on the last spot i had felt you move. he was talking to me when WOLLOP! (that’s the only word for it) you gave him a jab! i had never felt you kick that hard before and he couldn’t miss it. we were both so giddy — and, you’ll soon see, papa doesn’t really get worked up about much unless it’s really worth getting worked up about.
now, at night when he comes home late from work, we take some time to lay there and he puts his head on my belly and talks to you. and you must be able to tell it’s him bc you start squirming a lot more and, if i’ve been feeling you all night on my left side, you shift over to the right where his head is and do a little dance for him on his cheeks. i can just imagine you jumping and giggling in there, so thrilled to be near his low voice and calm demeanor (that’s what i love about him too).

you are growing every day and every morning when i wake up i am noticeably a little bigger in my belly. these photos (below) of me make me look really big! it’s mostly you but this time, i swear, it’s also the huge dinner papa had just made me of oxtail, cabbage, and homemade pasta that contributes to that roundness. either way, i love seeing my belly grow and thinking of you baking to perfection inside it.

i love you, little bean.


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