little bean,

this past week your mama is starting to feel heavy. i still feel great and you are still moving around like a jumping bean, but my body is starting to feel more and more pregnant. i’m not as light on my feet and i can’t just squeeze by people the way i used to. the belly gets in the way!
but you and me still take yoga classes, regular and prenatal, and you love them. you sit quietly along for the ride until the end, when i’m resting, and then you start poking around like you want more. it’s a fun little dance we do. and every other day or so papa and ottoman take me for a walk along the greenway/railroad tracks so i can get my blood pumping. we talk about you and what you might be like and what we can’t wait for and what we can wait for (like you growing up to be a teenager who might not be crazy about us!).

your taste buds have really developed by now so i hope you like the foods i am eating. i can’t go an hour into my morning without eating some scrambled eggs and chocolate milk. there’s also been curry and saffron and braised meat and mussels and chickpeas and israeli couscous and french lentils and arugula and spinach and lots and lots of cabbage. oh, and whole-grain bread and swiss cheese and raspberry jam and granola and sunflower seeds and avocados and tuna sandwiches (but those only once a week). papa and i have done our research with the foods i can and can’t eat and, well, there’s really not that much i can’t give you. you’ve gotten goat cheese and hawaiian ono and–gasp–even decaf coffee and sips of big-bodied, gorgeous red wine.

you’ll learn that in our family it’s about moderation and also about really savoring and respecting the foods you eat. and so we’re teaching you young. of course, we have no idea if you’ll come out a picky eater (your chef papa thinks he has some tricks up his sleeve if that happens) or with a well-rounded palate. we don’t even know if we fully believe that what i eat can influence your ultimate taste, based on the different things we’ve heard and read. most importantly, you’re getting a wide variety of nutrients and flavors and fats and iron and calories to keep you growing and thriving. only 18 weeks to go! (but i won’t complain if it’s a little sooner).

all my love,

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  1. The Maiden Metallurgist says:

    I'm nearing the home stretch and at 36 weeks I'm still working out and it makes me feel great. Keep it up- you won't regret it!

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