erica and the kids came to a denver for a quick weekend visit to see erica’s family. we got to hog them for a morning. finn wasn’t feeling too hot so just chicky and erica came over to the homestead for chicken time and banana pancakes made by uncle johnny.

chicky was so brave with all of the chickens. we could barely get her out of the pen bc she was having so much fun feeding them scratch from her hands, picking up jenny-from-the-block and checking the nest in the coop for eggs (she found two!). ladybird, the sweet-tarded one with feathers on her feet, was her favorite bird and chicky didn’t even squeal when she would peck her little fingers. well, she did squeal–out of delightful surprise!
when we finally did get chicky to come inside, erica and i passed the time talking about little bean and going through my junk jewelry bag while uncle johnny cooked up a pancake feast. there was no junk to chicky: she loved all the plastic beads and retro clip-ons and sparkly accessories she found in there. it reminded me of when my grandmother would let me go through her jewelry box (though in grandma’s box there was fancier costume jewelry and pearls and large, colorful stones and even some diamonds!)
banana pancakes were eaten, a long walk in the denver sun was taken, and then we said our goodbyes. visits with them are always my favorite. i just need to find a way to ensure they move here in three years when brian’s residency is all done in minnesota.

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