to continue yesterday’s topic of ways to keep babies cool in the summertime (if you aren’t blessed/privileged/lucky enough to have AC), here’s another thing i do with the kiddos to make the heat a little more bearable. after sunscreening them up we go out to the front yard where i have an old mid-century modern teak planter. i had high hopes of a little succulent garden in this thing but i have no green thumb. so it stood on the porch and faded terribly. until jp told me i should fill it with water and let the babes splash around. have i told you my hubby is a genius?

so we turn the hose on, fill the water table up, put toys in the water table, and let the kids get soaked. everyone is happy.

i advise, if possible, putting hats on your little one(s) to protect their adorable faces from the sun. i know what you’re thinking: max and ramona don’t have hats on. i know. i can’t. these little ones won’t let me. but i still advise it.


6 Responses to water babies

  1. PJ says:

    That is the best-looking water table I’ve ever seen! Would like to get one for Levi.

  2. Alli says:

    The water table is a fabulous idea.
    I’ve been trying to get Lulu used to winter hats so by the time summer rolls around she’ll be used to them. She’s much better with hats now than she was. So here’s hoping.

    • emily says:

      that’s smart. ramona used to be good with hats and then just decided she hated them. she’s not a very fussy child but BOY! does she fuss when i try to hat her up.

  3. Lashley says:

    I think this post should be called, “Water tables don’t have to be obnoxious blue plastic.”

  4. I’m with Lashley. This is brilliant and super stylish. Want! (Your hubs IS a genius.)

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