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this weekend we’re having a pizza and game party with a small gathering of some of our dear friends. we’ve nailed down the pizza toppings and beverages (food and libations are always the easy part for JP and me) but what we’re not decided on are games for the group of ten. we’ve got catchphrase and taboo as options but we’re open to other suggestions. readers, what games for large groups do you enjoy?

while you’re thinking of that, here are some interesting links from this past week:

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6 Responses to THE WEEK’S LINKS

  1. bree says:

    apples to apples is always a fan favorite, and i do love some good ole fashioned pictionary !
    xo, bree

  2. retrotrash says:

    Second apples to apples but throw in Cards Against Humanity if they are GOOD friends.

  3. MEL says:

    Thanks so much for helping out Danielle! Aren’t her lullabies dreamy? xoxo

  4. koan says:

    Phase 10, Telephone Pictionary.

  5. Christy says:

    I also say Telephone Pictionary, greatest large crowd game ever!

  6. Lorissa says:

    Love mad gab!

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