A Denver Home Companion | a game of chess

jp and i are trying to watch less tv and do more activities that allow us to chat and flex our brains. he recently taught me chess and i beat his butt the first time around. a new monday night (our weekend) tradition.

3 Responses to THE WEEK’S LINKS

  1. Lynn @wanderlynn says:

    My husband and I were also on Champs-Élysées that day. It’s so disappointing to have this news hanging over such a joyous memory.

  2. Cora says:

    Love the printable calender! Definitely on my diy list!

  3. melinda sue says:

    in the summer of 2004 i was in paris on the Champs-Élysées when lance crossed the finish line. (funny a year a part we were doing the exact same thing). as the prize wining teams took their final turns down the road the speakers played their home countries’ national anthems. as lance and his team took theirs… the speakers played sheryl crow (they were together at the time). and i was terrible embarrased to be an american in that moment.

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