A Denver Home Companion | goats and earthlinks

this saturday, jp and i are partnering w a local community non-profit, earthlinks, to speak about urban farming, specifically raising goats and chickens in the city. if you’re in denver, saturday morning at 10, stop by and meet lacey and violet and here how we incorporate livestock in to our city living! also, make sure to check out the monthly open house series, community links, that earthlinks puts on. the organization is so unique and a much-needed asset to the five points/north larimer neighborhood and its homeless population.

i’ll be back next week w some posts about our time in nashville, a yummy meal planning helper (and how it’s been encouraging me to cook), and thoughts on two-years-olds and being married for five years. muah!



  1. Lauren Youngblood says:

    Emily, Just wanted to thank you for the lovely Saturday morning that I got to spend meeting you, your husband, your unbelievably adorable little girl, and also Violet and Lacey. You have definitely convinced me of a future with goats for my husband and I (the chickens were already a must! I can’t wait to get our first set of peeps!). I’m now certain every chef needs a set of pet goats! It’s also such a treat to have found your blog so I can find even more things to love about Denver. I’m looking forward to a date night at The Populist asap. xo, Lauren

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