A Denver Home Companion | toiletry tuesday base layer update

my toiletry tuesday base layer post is in need of an update! here’s what i’ve been using recently. maybe it’s the pregnancy. maybe it’s the nightly clarisonic deep clean. but either way, i am loving what is happening with my skin lately and i’m certain the above products contribute to it.

  • r.l. linden & co. thousand petal beautifying mist || i spray this all over my face first thing when i get out of the shower (i also use this if i need a refresher during the day).
  • arcona eye dew || gives a nice dewy look to the eyes but also, after consistent use, works to brighten and plump skin. i don’t know if it’s actually plumping my skin but my eyes, which are naturally dark and a bit sunken, have never looked more awake.
  • r.l. linden & co coffee & tea facial serum || this is still in the beta testing stages but i am already begging them to make it a permanent part of their line. it makes my face tingle and adds a nice, natural, moisturizing oil to my skin.
  • tilvee argan & sea buckthorn age-defying cream || i’ve been using this almost three years now and i have no intention of stopping. it’s a nice heavy cream, perfect for morning and night, that settles into the skin nicely and works its magic. ideal for dry weather climates.
  • r.l. linden & co. la balmba rose healing balm || used on my lips and any random dry patches on my face (corners of mouth, edge of nose, even my forehead!).
  • tom’s deodorant || what’s there to say about deodorant? besides: stop using the stuff with aluminum in it!
  • kiehl’s creme de corps || i like it but i don’t LOVE it. suggestions for a good all-over body cream are currently being accepted. i’m looking for something without a ton of ingredients (i use coconut oil from time to time but am not sold on that either).
  • egyptian magic all purpose skin cream || i use this on my growing belly, stretch marks (frowny face), and dry patches on elbows or knees. it took me a while to warm up to it but i love love love this heavy lotion.
  • jenna hipp essential nail & hand cream || i fell in love with jenna hipp’s products at base coat nail salon. i have always been on the search for the perfect hand cream and this is where i got to stop looking.