A Denver Home Companion | shadow puppets

shadow puppets. sometimes silly things happen before bed. glad i married my best friend.

in case you missed it:

and other awesome things:

  • i love guests posts! here i talk (a lot) about motherhood.
  • some girlfriends and i are having a mini grammy party. we’re rooting for our friend neyla, who plays cello and sings for this lovely denver band. cross your fingers she goes home with a grammy (or two!).
  • p.s. the chinese new year is on sunday. inspired by chinese new year tradition, i made these envelopes to give little good luck notes to friends.
  • it’s not too late to do fun crafts to celebrate valentine’s day on thursday. check out my valentine’s pinterest board for all things hearts.
  • i’m inspired by this denver blogger to get our family out of debt. jp and i are on a spending fast. last paycheck alone we had more extra cash than i thought possible to put towards debt — it makes me wonder what the hell we were doing w all that dough before we were being vigilant! (i’ll do a more detailed post later as we get into this more).