i was excited to take jp to visit portland in early april. he had received an acceptance to lewis & clark’s law school and needed to make an educated decision on the school and the city. my dad’s side of the family, save for one aunt in africa, lives in oregon and many of them in portland so it was a good chance to acquaint mr power(driver) w the origins of his driver name.

we spent a TON of time in the sun. i’m not even lying. there was not one drop of rain or one cloud covering. nanna magoo came down from yakima to enjoy brunch w us and investigate the velodrome.
the velodrome in lake oswego has a much steeper bank than the one we utilize up at northbrook. jp was drooling thinking about the sweat he would be able to work up riding on this bad ass.
we stayed w my dear friend cheryl, a friend i made while traveling in europe summer of 2005. cheryl gave me my first experience of a vineyard thus opening up my eyes to the many better wines out there beyond three buck chuck. my life will never be the same.

we ultimately have decided to opt out of moving to pdx. 1) bc L&C didn’t offer us the moola they should have and 2) pdx is just too cool for us. hard to believe i know.

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