the seven driver clan members celebrated easter at the sailfish on anna maria island. it’s not often that we all get to be together and it was quite special that my parents would make this happen.

we had plenty of time in the sand and sun and surf. it was chicky’s first time at the beach and i rue the fact we were unable to take a photo of her buried up to her high chest in sand. she loved it.
jp, per usual, was the chef. the boys went out and bought some freshly-caught fish that jp stuffed w garlic and onions and mushrooms (i think, at least it was stuffed w something) that he then grilled and promptly served w a bed of wilted greens. yum-oh! he never ceases to amaze me w his culinary skills.

after the beach we headed back to gramps’ farm where i fell in love w his hens (i’m counting the days until i get my own!) and introduced jp to the pleasures of feeding goats. it tickles! grandpa used to have about 50 or 60 goats on this farm and is now down to 6. we think this is a good idea.


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