i cleaned out my google reader today. it was daunting to log in and, every time, have 200 unread subscriptions when i thought i had just read them all. reading them had begun to feel like a chore. i was sick of sifting through everyone’s top 20 items on their wishlist or hijacked photos all of the beautiful things they would buy if they could afford them or constant dribbles of five minute music videos.
bottom line: people update way too much.

i found i am loyal to the one-a-day bloggers with a specific, select angle.

it is no surprise then that one of my favorite blogs, my go-to, is BackGarage.

she offers a weekly garage sale hotlist, which has led me to great finds including the hot water bottle jp and i swore by at night during this frigid winter (frigid, of course, being an understatement).

i had written her for recommendations on vintage thrifting in madison and she was excited to help out because, well, she didn’t know. she wrote back again with some leads and i, along with my trusty tomtom and camera, found my way to some great and not-so-great places.

ALL THIS TO SAY, imagine my delight when she featured the antiques mall of madison, accompanied with the photos i had taken and my review, on her blog! you can see that entry here.

i feel famous, seriously.

go check her out and don’t forget to add BackGarage to your reader.


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