so it looks like i did take some photos these past two weeks….

a couple explanations of these photos.

  • ramona loves band-aids. cannot get enough. i was the same way, so my mother tells me. and my niece has the same infatuation. is it all little girls?!
  • jp and i are looking for another couple to have a monthly standing euchre date. any takers?
  • fountain parks have got to be the greatest invention for little children.
  • my father is doing a one month long yoga teacher training in BC. pretty much anyone who knows my father knows that in his previous life no one ever saw this coming. yoga has changed his (and my mother’s) life and i am so so proud of him for taking this risk and this leap.
  • i’m trying juicing again. so far i’m 2 for 3 mornings. our garden is growing kale like no one’s business so i gotta get moving before that stuff bolts.



3 Responses to not-so-wordless week

  1. Kelly says:

    my girls love bandaids too. especially the middle one. she steals them all the time and puts them all over herself. I am *always* buying bandaids.

    cute pics, looks like a great time.

    so cool about your father & yoga training!

  2. mld says:

    I love the picture of Jonathan the best.

  3. Cora says:

    The photo of her sleeping is the best! I have about a million of Miles, same pose! and Cheers to your folks. Thats super awesome of them!

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