i can’t believe my dear friend tessa came to town and this is the only photo i have of her. i don’t even have one of her and us or of her and her husband or of her and her little adorable baby boy, august. well, actually i can believe it since the past week was busy busy busy. we had so much shopping and talking and eating and drinking to do! her and her two men were visiting from chicago and stayed with us for the duration. it was a good balance of being out-and-about and lounging on the couch but there was no time for blogging or for capturing these moments (though tessa did snap some photos of ramona and i for my next sling diaries theme). when tessa and i and august and ramona do our chicago-minneapolis-chicago roadtrip we will both be better about documenting it.

so. now i’m back to blogging. and i missed it. but sometimes unexpected breaks are so good for the soul and sanity. because i wouldn’t have missed that last week offline with my friends for anything.


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  1. Kelsey says:

    Sounds wonderful! I’m like that too – can’t seem to get my camera out enough. But at least you’re living in the moment and soaking up the good times.

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