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i found three original vintage BFK butterfly chair frames at the end of a driveway in denver one summer afternoon. i knocked on the door and asked the old man if i could take them off his hands. he was so relieved and said: “of course, please.” jackpot.

they’ve lived on our outdoor patio for the past two years and we finally brought two of them inside when we had to replace our old living room chairs. ramona loves them and calls them “ham-mees,” or hammock chairs.

the black canvas cover is from circa50 and the paint splashed one is from urban outfitters. i’d love to get a cowhide or leather one to class our space up a bit. click on this link and scroll down to the third section and please tell me what cover you think would look best in our living room.

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  1. Katie says:

    Those are so fun! Of the three leathers, I love the lightest one. That buttery-toffee color is lovely.

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