dear little bean,
one more week! though, as we all know by now, it could be any day now or 3 weeks from now. mama is feeling MIGHTY uncomfortable so pretty please have it be any day now. our server at breakfast yesterday morning informed me that the trick to getting you out would be to chug a guinness and then smoke a cigarette. hhhmmmmm. i do suppose some drastic times call for drastic measures.
i was a bridesmaid in lizzie’s wedding this weekend. lucky for me lizzie has great taste and picked out a dress that was actually extremely comfortable for me to walk down the aisle in. it was a beautiful wedding and i cannot wait for you to meet her and her lovely husband, dan. she’s a dear friend of mine and she will be a fabulous auntie to you.
this was the fourth of july weekend and between the wedding and BBQs there were so many people to talk to! mama discovered that she certainly does have pregnancy brain: i couldn’t quite keep my head in conversations and even the littlest of pleasantries tuckered me out. when i did find my tongue i don’t think i made much sense. good thing the people in my life have been so understanding and patient. 
usually papa and i cut it up on the dance floor. your papa is quite the dancer and his confidence on the dance floor is extremely sexy and contagious. however, at the reception i could barely bring myself to stand. my feet were the size of bricks and felt like them too! so we went home, locked ourselves in the air-conditioned bedroom (the only room in the house with AC) and waited for my ankles to return and papa to sober up from his day drinking (4th of july BBQs then straight to wedding open bar) while we watched zombieland. and, like every night recently, we went to sleep wondering aloud if this would be the night. it wasn’t. but maybe tonight.

(mama’s face is not so flattering. and don’t worry, that cigar ain’t lit. but do you see the beautiful bride behind us, bean?)



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  1. tessakonc says:

    you look fab.

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