as a farewell to our date nights (at least baby-free date nights for a while) jp and i splurged on a dinner at frasca food and wine in boulder. easily one of the best restaurants 1,000 miles around, it did not disappoint. 
they sat us at a table in the kitchen(!) where we were greeted with homemade potato chips and a glass of very welcoming white wine. our server, jeremy, was so gracious and knowledgeable and just the right amount of attentive. we were in love: with him, with the food, with his wine pairings, with our table in the midst of the kitchen, with each other. 
the employees at frasca really do their job well and with passion. we were so taken care of and they truly went above and beyond to make our “last sexy night out” a memorable one. we love food and value dining experiences, but our budget does not always allow us to enjoy the finer dining venues that we have on our “eating out bucket list.” this meal was worth every dime.
we each had ordered the four-course option and they generously split each of these courses into two so that we could savor and enjoy each plate together. so eight courses! we lingered for almost three hours alternating between excited convo of food and anticipation of little bean.  we will not forget that night. thank you, frasca! 

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